Affordable (Bitcoin) Miner Hosting for a fixed price

Affordable (Bitcoin) Miner Hosting for a fixed price

Over the last few days, I have looked at the offers of the different hosting providers for ASIC miners such as Bitmain Antminer (Bitcoin/BTC).

Update: Endless Power Solutions’ Miner Oasis has been acquired by millionminer (hosting) and will offer many handy additional features in the future, such as a miner dashboard.

Most providers advertise prices starting at 0.065 EUR per kWh, but this is usually linked to certain conditions. For example, blockmine requires a power consumption of 1 megawatt for this tariff. I think this is a power consumption that most of us can not possibly achieve. For the normal average consumer with 1 to 3 miners, the power consumption is much lower and therefore of course the price is a bit higher.

All prices in this article are as of June 14, 2022.

Price overview blockmine, as of 06/14/2022

“Miner-dot-Hosting” offers a price of 0.099 EUR per kWh, but plus VAT and that also only from about 60 kWh. The “normal” price is therefore a proud 0.15 EUR per kWh for us “smaller” miners.

Price overview miner dot hosting, as of 14.06.2022

However, there seems to be no more space available here at all, see an excerpt of the following email:

Automatic email response from miner dot hosting, as of 06/14/2022

Hosting-Base charges 0,12 EUR per kWh without VAT in Iceland and some other providers seem to just keep the amount “secret” instead of communicating it openly.

Hosting-Base price overview, as of 14.06.2022

On, prices start from 0.10 USD per kWh.

Price overview Miner Oasis, as of 06/14/2022

So where to host?

Price overviewMiner OasisBlockmineminer dot hostingHosting base
Price per kWh0,10 USD / 0,085 USD0,08 EUR0,15 EUR0,12 EUR
AvailabilityAvailableAvailableBooked outUnknown
Price overview for Miner-Hosting in the “most expensive” tariff and lowest total consumption according to the information of the respective providers, as of 06/14/2022

I also just made a small blanket request to all hosting providers to find out what the status is there. At Miner Oasis I know whats going on, Miner dot Hosting is fully booked according to their email (see above), Blockmine available and from the other provider I didn’t get an answer, so I indicated the availability there as “Unknown”.

Advertisement / Advertising*: So the question is where miners can be hosted cheaply without exorbitantly high power costs. On this is usually possible starting at 0.10 USD per kWh.

If you mention my website ( in your request, rates starting at 0.08 USD per kWh are also possible. You wonder why? Because the founders of are customers of mine.

*What do I get in return? A happy customer and a happy reader, but I still mark this “recommendation” as an ad or advertisement, because I could theoretically profit e.g. by “more orders”.

At the current EUR/USD exchange rate, the offer from Miner Oasis should be the cheapest and there should also still be enough capacity available (as of 06/14/2022).

You are a hosting provider yourself and want to be included in the table or want an update? Then just write me via my contact form.

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  1. Hello, can you please let me know the cost of each Monet per month at each available location? For example one s19 86TH how much money in euro is the monthly power and hosting cost? Also the price for bow long remains the same?

    1. Hello, the best would be you ask them directly. The power costs started in the past from 0.09 USD per kWh. Hosting fees are waived or very low.

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