Create Chia Plotman archive server for your farm (automatic transfer of plots)

Create Chia Plotman archive server for your farm (automatic transfer of plots)

Plotman for Chia offers the possibility to move created plots automatically to the farm (or archive server). This is possible via an rsync module which can be set up as follows.

It is important that all disks are mounted under the same subfolder, e.g. /hdd/1, /hdd/2 etc.

Next, let’s take care of rsync

apt-get install rsync

After that, we create a new file

nano /etc/rsyncd.conf

and paste the following content into the new file:

lock file = /var/run/rsync.lock
log file = /var/log/rsyncd.log
pid file = /var/run/

# don't change the port, plotman (as of version 0.2) has the port hard coded
port = 12000

# rsync module name
    # main path to all disks
    path = /hdd
    comment = chia
    # username
    uid = root
    # group name - usually identical to the username
    gid = root # group name
    read only = no
    list = yes
    # dont uncomment this, 
    #auth users = none
    # plotman does not work with authentication
    #secrets file = none
    # IP address of the plotman
    hosts allow =

After that, we start the rysnc service with the command

systemctl start rsync

if we want an automatic start on reboot, we need to run the following command in addition:

systemctl enable rsync

Last but not least, you need to adjust your plot configuration on the plotter (plotman.yaml), under the “Archive” section you should make the following changes:

rsyncd_module: chia # module name as in rsyncd.conf
rsyncd_path: /hdd  # path which was also entered in rsyncd.conf
rsyncd_bwlimit: 90000 # bandwidth in KB/s
rsyncd_host: IP # IP address of the farm
rsyncd_user: root # username

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