Exclusive: Buy computing power for Bitcoin Cloud Mining from a leading provider (2024)

Exclusive: Buy computing power for Bitcoin Cloud Mining from a leading provider (2024)

Would you like to buy computing power for mining cryptocurrencies? I can currently offer you SPECIAL CONDITIONS for mining Bitcoin or Litecoin through an exclusive partnership with one of my long-standing customers.

How does cloud mining work in this case?

Put simply, you buy computing power in the large mining data center of my partner company. The miners then start working and the mined coins are transferred directly to your wallet.

The advantages are clear: you don’t have to buy any hardware and you don’t have to maintain the hardware either, because you buy the computing power directly and receive the full mining remuneration straight to your wallet. This means you receive completely newly mined coins – because this is real mining with ASIC miners in a data center.

As this is a very large mining data center, correspondingly large orders can also be placed. Orders with 1 EH per day are also possible without any problems! This corresponds to the computing power of over 4,200 Antminer S21 Pro with 234 TH/s. That’s a whole mining farm working just for you.

If you need even more power, this is also possible by arrangement. The company will work together with other mining farms to provide the required computing power.

This brings us directly to the next advantage. You do not have to wait 1 year or longer for the cryptocurrencies. A mining job usually has a short duration of 3 to 90 days. This also makes it easier to estimate the result.

Are you interested? Write to me directly via my contact form or via my encrypted contact form. I can also be reached via Signal.

What about a proper invoice?

Yes, you will receive a proper invoice from a real company!

How can I pay?

You can pay with cryptocurrencies but also by bank transfer. I would like to point out here that bank transfers are possible within the EU and that the recipient account is a European bank account of the company and not a bank account in Timbuktu or Grandpa Gruber’s private account.

Try it out?

Of course, that’s no problem – you can benefit from my special conditions from as little as USD 1000.

Why do you get special conditions?

As already mentioned, this is a long-standing customer of mine. You will therefore only receive these special conditions if you book directly through me. This will give you a few more satoshis from your cloud mining order.

Where and how can I book?

Are you interested? The best way is to write to me directly via my normal contact form or via my encrypted contact form. I can also be reached via Signal.

What is the procedure?

You contact me and we clarify the last questions on the topic. You will then receive an invoice for the computing power from my partner company. Once payment has been received, mining will begin for you and payments to your own Bitcoin wallet will start.

Of course, an order can also be split into stages. For example, if you want to buy 100,000 USD of computing power, we can create 5 packages of 20,000 USD each.


Here you can see a preview of the mining performance for an investment of USD 120,000 over 90 days. You will probably receive a mining performance of 1.48 PH/s per day. With an estimated Bitcoin price of USD 86,529 and the current mining fee, you would receive approximately USD 124,800 worth of coins.

If we now reduce the duration of the contract from 90 days to 14 days, the estimated result does not actually change except for the daily available computing power, which is now around 9.52 PH/s per day.


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