Install Debian / Linux for Chia and allow root login

Install Debian / Linux for Chia and allow root login

In the following, we will walk through the entire Debian installation process as an example to get our Chia farm or Chia plotter ready to go with Linux. Why Debian. It is one of the best Linux distributions.

Note: You can find the tutorial on how to install Chia here.

The first thing you need to do is download the appropriate Debian netinstall image (usually amd64). You can get the image from (external link). The image can be downloaded after Etcher (external link) or the Universal USB Installer (external link) to flash the image to a USB stick.

After that, you can also login as root via SSH using the IP address of the machine you just installed. For this, I recommend Putty (external link).

I hope my tutorial on installing Debian (e.g. for Chia) helped you.

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