Ledger Nano X – MetaMask and ERC-20 tokens

Ledger Nano X – MetaMask and ERC-20 tokens

With your Ledger Nano X it is also possible to manage a MetaMask wallet. For this, of course, the Ethereum app must have been installed on the Ledger (via the Manager) and an ETH account must have been set up.

In the MetaMask app, all you need to do is click on the account icon and “hardware wallet link”. Some users are now despairing, because the Ledger and also MetaMask do not offer any support here.

The solution to all the problems, however, is very simple: the PIN must be entered on the ledger and the Ethereum app must also be opened on the ledger.

Once the ETH app is opened, MetaMask can access the data and the hardware wallet can be added in MetaMask.

Now, if you also want to use ERC-20 tokens with MetaMask / Uniswap in interaction with Ledger, you need to make one more small change:

  1. Open theETH app on the ledger
  2. Settings
  3. Switch “Contract Data” to “Allowed”

After this change, most ERC-20 tokens will also be visible in the Leather Live app.

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