Save real money at Amalyze

Save real money at Amalyze

Many of you will already know Amalyze, the analysis tool for Amazon. With it you can make very nice evaluations and also research keywords. Amalyze used to be very expensive, but fortunately the pricing structure was adjusted with the introduction of SHIELD.

In addition, I can offer you these coupon codes.

So, if you are already sure that you will be using Amalyze permanently, it is of course recommended to use the permanent 10% off coupon (UBUCULYZER-10). If you want to test Amalyze extensively, the 30% discount voucher (UBUCULYZER-30) for the first 3 months is probably the best choice.


10% discount (permanent)

30% discount (for the first 3 months)

40% discount (for the first 2 months)

50% discount (1st month)

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