Recommendation: More security with NextDNS

Recommendation: More security with NextDNS

Whether desktop computer, Mac or cell phone NextDNS (external link for which I receive a bit of commission) offers extensive features to make the network a little more secure at the DNS level.

Up to 300.000 DNS queries per month with filtering are possible for free. If the quota is exceeded, the service still works, but without filtering. The Pro package for private users is already available from around 20 EUR per year.

NextDNS filters DNS queries according to threats and other individually adjustable filters. I also particularly like the native tracking protection that is in beta, which is supposed to reduce tracking by Microsoft, Huawei and other manufacturers.

In case of problems, the rules can also be adjusted via user-defined allow and block lists. It is also possible to create multiple configurations and thus, for example, make different settings for the devices of younger family members or even employees than for oneself.

In terms of data protection, the storage duration of logs and the storage location (Switzerland and EU available) can be freely selected. It can also be freely decided whether IP addresses of clients should be logged or not.

This way, NextDNS can also successfully fend off other threats, e.g. by blocking command-and-control server requests already at the DNS query stage

Numerous block lists can also be added:

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