Russia and the issue of cyber security

Russia and the issue of cyber security

Further attacks by various hacker groups, including from Russia, are to be expected. One of the reasons for this is that state actors want to compromise systems in preparation (just in case).

Update as of 27.02.2022: The BSI also shares the assessment of an increased threat situation and noted increased scanning activities among NATO partners.

In the current war of aggression on Ukraine, government websites are being attacked with DDoS attacks and data on infected computers is being deleted fully automatically. Accordingly, a cyber war is also demonstrably taking place at present.

The war means that all security products from the affected countries can no longer be trusted unconditionally. Although I am a “fan” of Kaspersky, so to speak, which has a headquarters in Moscow as well as a headquarters in Switzerland, the risk of another economic conflict with Europe is too high. A complete uninstallation can be achieved via the tool kasremover. Telegram and other mobile products should also be uninstalled.

Other Russian products should also no longer be actively used at the moment. Additionally, it is recommended to update all systems, check firewall settings and shut down services that are not needed, as well as set stronger passwords and much more.

Now is the ideal time to create backups, which are kept completely separate from other systems (offline).

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