Secure JTL-Wawi / Windows Server and more

Secure JTL-Wawi / Windows Server and more

The last security breaches – especially around log4j – have greatly unsettled many entrepreneurs and IT managers and have once again put the focus on IT security.

Especially when using Windows Server / RDP Server in combination with JTL ERP and a Microsoft SQL database server, many configuration errors can easily occur

For example, the default encryption of the RDP protocol (Windows Remote Desktop Connection) does not provide sufficient encryption. Database connections to the database server are also not encrypted by default, and the risk of customer data and other business secrets falling into the wrong hands is correspondingly high. The services are also vulnerable to brute force attacks and known or as yet unknown security vulnerabilities

Web servers and online stores are vulnerable to SQL, PHP injections and cross-site scripting. In the worst case, the webshop will be blacklisted and lose its reputation in search engines or even be completely blocked.

For this reason, a solid server protection and a good backup management is more important nowadays than ever. I support you in many ways and in many different areas of IT security. In the course of this I determine together with you a concept that fits your budget, because IT security has to be affordable for small and medium sized companies as well. You can reach me via my contact form.

In addition to years of professional experience, I have numerous certifications – including ISO 27001 and IT forensics from TÜV Süd, business informatics from the Hamburger Fern-Hochschule and Cybersecurity for Critical Urban Infrastructure from MITx.

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