Run CPU benchmark under Debian

Run CPU benchmark under Debian

Comparing servers can sometimes be quite annoying and a reliable CPU benchmark can help with this. For this we first install the tool stress-ng

apt-get install -y stress-ng

The general CPU data can be read with

cat /proc/cpuinfo

to get the general CPU data.

To run a benchmark for 60 seconds, the following command can be used:

stress-ng --cpu 4 --cpu-method matrixprod --metrics-brief --perf -t 60

The bogo ops can be used for comparison, see screenshot:

We get 10016 points (2 threads) on an OVH Sandbox VPS with 1 core, 30995 points (4 threads) on a Contabo VPS L, and a whole 72 points (1 thread) on a Raspberry Pi

On a dedicated root server with an Intel i9 9900k we get 76163 points (4 threads).

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