Daniel Lautenbacher – Qualifications

Daniel Lautenbacher – Qualifications

Cert. Marketing Manager (Univ.) | SEO / ITSec / eCommerce / EU-GDPR Specialist | Digital Marketer | Chief Digital Officer | Content Creator | Autor | Ghostwriter

There are many names for the services I provide, but in the end, verifiable qualifications are what count for clients and customers. For this reason, I would like to bring you on this page my qualifications a bit closer.

I am currently freelancing for various companies in the eCommerce sector and working as a GDPR data protection officer. In addition, I am studying business law out of private enthusiasm and have started research in the field of LegalTech.

I have been working in eCommerce and IT since 2006 and have gained professional experience in a wide variety of industries. For example, I ran my own eBay store for hardware and software together with an IT service business at a very young age.

Over time, activities in other online affinity areas were added, including, for example, sales on Amazon and with various online store systems, the operation of an online radio station, a news portal, web hosting provider and many other activities related to IT. I have also always been comfortable with writing articles, copy, and taking and editing photos/videos.

My IT skills are sufficient for securing critical infrastructure. However, I also have extensive industry knowledge and an exceedingly high level of expertise in eCommerce (Amazon, eBay) – this includes business, tax, and legal know-how. Of course, I am very familiar with the industry standard tools in eCommerce such as the JTL merchandise management system.

Here you will find a selection of certifications, attestations and authorizations.