JTL-Wawi-Support (english)

JTL-Wawi-Support (english)

Support from JTL merchandise management expert with years of experience

I have been working with JTL-Wawi since the year 2012 and can still recommend it without reservation. I therefore already have more than 8 years of professional experience with JTL and was also JTL service partner in the past.

I have done complicated migrations from other individual solutions (e.g. TM3 merchandise management) beyond the everyday JTL-Wawi problems.

The connection of your JTL merchandise management with JTL-eazyAuction to eBay, Amazon or your webshop is no problem for me. I am also happy to set up the appropriate workflows for you to make your FBA business even more time-saving.

I will also be happy to connect you to other marketplaces via your webshop, make the right settings for PAN-EU together with you, or internationalize your offers.

Internationalization – Sell Worldwide with JTL and Amazon

I create internationalized webshops for you, have translations done and check their quality, do research required for the target market and put your offers online.

Start your global sales project with me today in Europe, the USA, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.