IT / eCommerce / Blockchain / Foundation – Consulting and Coaching

IT / eCommerce / Blockchain / Foundation – Consulting and Coaching

I also offer you consulting and coaching in IT and eCommerce in addition to my normal services. In addition, I also cover IT security, data protection and blockchain (especially Chia and ETH farming).

In this sense, I also offer my services to entrepreneurs in the field of startup consulting but also to expatriates and returnees.

My consulting and coching services are designed to enable you to get an outside view of your project while implementing the right measures yourself. I support you here in an ongoing improvement process, helping to identify and eliminate problems (ideally before they occur)

I have extensive (international) experience in a wide variety of fields and industries. Know-How and knowledge which will ultimately lead you faster to your goal.

These consulting and coaching services will usually be structured as follows:

  • We talk about your personal goal and expectations for the project
  • I give you a realistic assessment of your specific problems and obstacles
  • We discuss possible solutions and I show you options, to quickly and cost-effectively achieve subgoals
  • I review your results and give you suggestions for improvement
  • You implement the concrete measures at your pace and I
  • give you feedback should further questions and problems arise

For our conversations we arrange weekly appointments, so you always have enough time to implement.

This type of coaching builds on principles from change management and can be applied not only to businesses and startups, but also to other (personal) projects such as emigrating to a new country, returning home, spinning off abroad, or even blockchain farming.

As a particularly well-rounded entrepreneur and expatriate, I am well-informed in these areas as well, saving you valuable time.