EU-GDPR and IT-Security

EU-GDPR and IT-Security

Expert Consulting

Data protection solutions

In the field of data protection, I am available to you as an expert data protection officer with years of professional experience, or I will process data protection-related information requests for you. I am also happy to check your data protection concept for conformity with the currently applicable regulations.

Security audits and penetration testing

I identify vulnerabilities in your IT and document them in the context of security audits. As an external service provider I take a special look at all relevant and for third parties initially irrelevant vulnerabilities of your IT.

In penetration tests, I check their Internet presence for different types of attacks. In web server stress tests, we measure the performance of their servers, for example, before TV advertising campaigns.

External data protection officer

I offer you the possibility to appoint me as an external data protection officer, this offers you many advantages such as: no protection against dismissal, no conflicts of interest among employees, no training costs, best possible transparency compared to an in-house data protection officer.

I am also happy to advise you on the subject of data protection or offer assistance to your employees. Many people who are learning about data protection for the first time may have problems with certain factual situations or with the creation of procedure directories. I support you in your daily work!

Data protection is effective in advertising! Show your customers that you are serious about data protection. Many companies are already embracing this new marketing strategy and actively promoting privacy and information security issues. Customer needs are increasing and can be satisfied by me, for example, with a data protection certificate.


I am also your partner in the area of information security & business continuity. It is shown again and again that business continuity management is very important in many companies. I cover this topic area with a wide variety of services. Even a subsequent forensic investigation of their IT or prof. data recovery is possible with me in the worst case. Ask me!

Personalized support


I advise you personally on the subject of data protection & information security and thus determine their individual needs. Not every company needs an internal or external data protection officer, I also determine this before my work for you. If desired, I can also work together with your already appointed internal company data protection officer and improve the measures for effective data protection management. Often, an outside view can still reveal numerous weaknesses in corporate data protection that should be remedied as quickly as possible.

Entrepreneurial Freedom


If you appoint an internal company data protection officer, this employee enjoys certain privileges with you. For example, this person is not bound by their instructions and enjoys comprehensive protection against dismissal. The position of the employee you wish to appoint may also conflict with that of a data protection officer. This can lead to considerable problems later on. The appointment of an external data protection officer solves many of these problems and provides your company with the necessary flexibility in the area of human resources, among other things.

Security in IT


In the area of information security, I not only ensure the security of their information systems, but also try to work with you to ensure continued operation. Our goal is to restore normal operations in the shortest possible time even in the worst case (failure of several systems, defect of several data carriers). Imagine how much one day would cost you in such a case. If I together with you restored normal operation within one day, instead of several days, this is a real monetary benefit for your company.