Plotman is dead – long live the shell

Plotman is dead – long live the shell

I have already written some tutorials on how to install Plotman (due to high demand). So I have also tested Plotman in product operation and my verdict is clear: Plotman is unusable for productive and stable use.

  • After a full run Plotman makes a big pause on all SSDs (if time delay is enabled), that contradicts the widespread opinion Plotman starts a new plot IMMEDIATELY if possible.
  • Plotman tries to start all processes on all SSDs at the same time (if time delay off – which leads to a “happy” CPU)
  • Plotman does NOT automatically (immediately) start a new plot process (Plotman simply uses the parameter “-d” for this) This is meaning it first copies the half-finished plot to the target disk before starting a new operation.
  • The archive server sometimes doesn’t work at all and sometimes only half, which leads to overflow of the target disks (buffer).

That’s why I can’t recommend Plotman right now. The idea is good but the implementation is terrible for a professional use. There is still a lot of room for improvement here.

  • Instant restart of plotting
  • Delayed start of plotting (better utilization of CPU and memory)
  • Moving to cache of the plotting computer
  • Fetching finished plots from the plotting computer
  • Automatically selecting a hard disk with free storage capacity on the farm

Unfortunately, I won’t publish my own tools for Chia, because there were no coffee donations until today for my extensive tutorials either.

Update: You can find more information about my own tools here (click here)

At this point I like to point out again, of course, that you can also use my services via the contact form.

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