Autodoc interface (API) for JTL-Wawi

Autodoc interface (API) for JTL-Wawi

I have created an interface for JTL-Wawi to the Autodoc trading platform. The interface is for suppliers of Autodoc and complies with the Autodoc API requirements.

The overall solution is therefore able to:

  • Transfer stock data to Autodoc via FTP on an hourly basis
  • API method: get_stock – provide stock information and prices
  • API method: create_order – accept new orders
  • API method: get_tracking_numbers – provide tracking data
  • API method: get_order_status – Provide status of an order
  • API method: cancel_order – Cancel orders

This solution provides Autodoc with all important information. New orders are automatically imported into JTL-Wawi and the tracking status is updated. In case of cancellation by Autodoc, an email with the details is sent immediately.

The interface requires specific customization for each customer. If you are interested, please send me a message via my contact form. Of course you can also contact me if you need another interface for your inventory management.

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