Have Amazon flat files or inventory files translated

Have Amazon flat files or inventory files translated

  • You want to really take off in Amazon PAN-EU or other target countries like Germany?
  • You need perfect translations for the German language?
  • You are still missing translations for the other EU marketplaces?
  • The service providers in Amazon’s Sellercentral do not answer?
  • Translation agencies charge horrendous sums for the translation?

Then I would be happy to help you with the translation and adaptation of your inventory files or flat files (directly to the contact form).

You already have Amazon flat files?

I have translation partners from different countries who perform high quality translations. However, translations alone are not enough. Each Amazon target country has different data requirements and also different mandatory attributes. Also, the right category or Amazon browse node must be determined for each target country.

Even with the best translators, there can still be translation errors with regard to the keywords. Therefore, with my extensive Amazon SEO experience, I first check the translations and keywords. Then I merge the translations and adjust the stock files regarding the previously mentioned requirements. I also research the best category or browse node.

In the case of translations into German, I carry out the check for keywords, search phrases and other special features – which may arise depending on the product – even more intensively after consultation.

You don’t have Amazon flat files yet?

That’s no problem either! I would be very happy to first create the inventory files for your most important marketplace country together with you. In this context, we can also revise and optimize the already existing item details.

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