Lucid Germany: Avoid mistakes when reporting planned quantities

Lucid Germany: Avoid mistakes when reporting planned quantities

Errors can also occur during the initial planned quantity reporting for the Lucid packaging register in Germany. A very common mistake here is made during licensing, because shortfalls are not reimbursed.

What does this mean exactly?

If you license 1000 kg of cardboard and 1000 kg of plastic in the initial quantity report and later report 500 kg of cardboard and 1100 kg of plastic in the year-end report, you will have a problem. In this case, most licensing companies will not reimburse you for the 500 kg of cardboard you saved and you will have to pay extra for the 100 kg of plastic. It also appears that most providers refuse to offset the two items

Therefore, accurate planning is very important for any online retailer.

Note: If you – for whatever reason – are still not registered with the central body of the packaging register (Lucid), it is high time, because it is planned that Amazon and other marketplaces will soon have to check your registration.

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