JTL-Wawi: SQL-Server Express error during installation

JTL-Wawi: SQL-Server Express error during installation

The installation of JTL-Wawi also requires the installation of the Microsoft SQL server. This is mostly done in the Express Edition. Especially on Windows 11 or with a new installation, there can be extensive problems. For example, one customer reported to me that the SQL server installation aborted immediately after startup with an empty error message.

After the installation could be enabled without an error message, errors still occurred during the installation of the database instance. For this error, even after countless attempts, the only option was a complete uninstall and reinstall.

However, an uninstallation was no longer possible at the customer’s site, because the customer used a third-party uninstaller software to remove his SQL server. This ultimately resulted in the instances and services still being present but important sub-components of the SQL server were missing

You have problems with the installation of JTL-Wawi and the corresponding database server? I will be happy to help you at reasonable hourly rates. Just write me via my contact form.

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