LSI Mega RAID 0 setup under Linux

LSI Mega RAID 0 setup under Linux

In the following example I show you how to set up a Raid 0 with 4 hard drives using the tool megacli. Here, the existing configuration must first be deleted.

The next step is to determine the raid level with r0 and the corresponding hard disks with the values inside [ ]. The whole is after that the raid a0

The last step is to make the composite a0 bootable. You can find the 3 commands needed for this here:

megacli -CfgLdDel -Lall -aAll
megacli -CfgLdAdd -r0 [252:0,252:1,252:2,252:3] WB RA Direct CachedBadBBU -a0
megacli -AdpBootDrive -get -a0

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