My experience with and the stateless video course

My experience with and the stateless video course

Many of you will surely know Christoph Heuermann – the operator of – and his lifestyle.

I have now taken a closer look at his stateless video course and would certainly not buy this course again. Already after the order the fun begins, because the access data are not transmitted to you at all automatically (at least in my case). I thought this person earns thousands of euros every month to sell these courses, but already begin to doubt immediately after the purchase here.

The videos in German have a below-average sound quality and are already several years old. He apologizes for this on the course pages and therefore gives you the – in his opinion – more current and better course in English “for free” with it.

The knowledge from the video course is also available free of charge on the Internet or on his blog pages and is mainly limited to this. Fairly I must point out here that he actually also promises nothing else.

Also, the touted “Stateless Inner Circle” group on Facebook (for buyers of the course) has just 131 members (as of April 11, 2021). This also somehow contradicts the marketing image of countless courses sold.

But he has now finally “taken the cake” with his newsletter on “Your International Stateless Health Insurance.”

So he writes in his email:

" has been researching this thoroughly since the beginning, but was never quite satisfied with the solutions offered. So at some point it was obvious to look for a better solution ourselves."

So he took care of a better solution, implying that his “framework contract” would be better than the normal contract or other insurance contracts, because he was never satisfied with other solutions.

On closer inspection, this is exactly the same contract as April International, which is also available to normal customers. Both contracts are in country group 3 and have the exact same premium (to the penny).

If anyone doubts this, I have the corresponding (identical quotes) via email.

To be honest, it is also nowhere apparent to me that it is actually a real framework agreement. In the offer there is only the word stateless under the field “company”, but I could not fully verify that.

I don’t think April International’s health insurance is bad, but I think the “stateless health insurance” in your current form (see above) is just an “affiliate marketing ploy.”

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