Have chia plots created? No problem with the Chia Plotting Creation Service

Have chia plots created? No problem with the Chia Plotting Creation Service

You want to save your hardware and not buy countless SSDs, but just buy ready-made plots for your Chia Farm? Then I can help you!

I will be happy to create Chia Plots for you at low prices. For this I don’t need your Private Key nor your Seed, because all I need is your Public Key.

With this information I can create your plots for you and only you can use these plots.

If you are interested in my chia plotting service, please use the contact form and let me know how many plots you need.

After the plots are created, they will be available for you to download for about 7 days (or longer – depending on your agreement).

Alternatively, I am also very happy to help you set up your own local chia farm and plotting calculator with my know-how at reasonable hourly rates.


Is plotting safe for me?

Yes, sharing your Farmer public key is not a problem at all, because I will not need your private key.

What is the maximum number of plots that can be created?

This is not determined by my capacity, but by your download rate.

Can I also buy something like a plot subscription?

Yes, we can also make an arrangement to have new plots delivered to your farm on an ongoing basis.

Is this a professional offer?

Yes, however, I have decided not to provide a separate homepage for this purpose.

How long does it take to create the plots?

A single order for 100 plots takes up to 30 days, but normally it should take no more than 10 business days. Higher speeds are possible, but also require more plots in the order.

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