Update Chia Network on Linux / Debian

Update Chia Network on Linux / Debian

Upgrading Chia on Debian is relatively easy to do. I assume you have previously followed my tutorial on installing Chia.

First, let’s change to our Chia directory and activate venv:

cd /home/chia-blockchain
. ./activate

Next, we stop all services from Chia:

chia stop -d all

After that, we download the update and run the update:

git fetch
git checkout latest
git reset --hard FETCH_HEAD
chmod 775 install.sh
. ./activate
chia init

If you are working directly as root (which is not recommended for security reasons) you must first replace all entries of “sudo ” (sudo and spaces) with “” (nothing) in install.sh.

After that, you can start Chia Services again:

chia start farmer

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