How to stake TIME on Wonderland with MetaMask

How to stake TIME on Wonderland with MetaMask

Some of you might have already heard about Wonderland and the TIME token. In the following article I will try to explain you as short as possible how you can stake your TIME token on Wonderland and where you can get TIME token at all

The whole process for experienced users: you need to add the Avalanche network and buy AVAX, you can then switch your AVAX to TIME on TraderJoe and then stack on Wonderland. Your Time will be converted to MEMO during staking and the exchange rate is 1:1.

Wonderland staking with MetaMask

First of all I recommend to use MetaMask as wallet software. If you have not used MetaMask before, you will have to create a new wallet.

MetaMask Netzwerkauswahl

Then click on “Ethereum Mainnet” and add a new network. Here you will need to use the following data:

Network Name:Avalanche Network
Chain ID:43114
Currency Symbol:AVAX
Block Explorer:

Then scroll all the way down and click on “Import Tokens”, here you enter as contract address:


as your address.

Now you can send and receive AVAX and Time Token within the Avalanche network.

Next, you should buy (or otherwise obtain)a desired amount of AVAX on a crypto exchange and send it to your wallet. You can use your normal ETH wallet address (which is also the wallet address on the Avalanche network) as the receiving address.

Important note: If you have multiple network options when transferring your AVAX, you must select the AVAX-C network or the C-Chain of Avalanche.

MetaMask Adresse kopieren

Of course, you can also simply copy the (receiving) address directly into MetaMask.

Now you should already have a certain amount of AVAX in your wallet.

If my tutorial helped you I am always glad about a small AVAX donation (the transaction fees in the AVAX network are very low) – my address: 0xd0803A568615A18403C3722AC6dBb3202FD14034

Connect to a wallet

The next step is to connect your MetaMask wallet to TraderJoe on (the domain is actually called that) (top right corner of the website).

traderjoe coins tauschen

Then click on “Trade” and change your AVAX to TIME. Please keep about 10 EUR of AVAX for later switching fees.

Now you have already changed your AVAX to Time.

connect wallet auf wonderland

In the next step we switch to Wonderland at and connect our MetaMask wallet to Wonderland (as always: top right of the website).

wonderland stake

After that we switch to the “Stake” tab. Here we can now stake our TIME in two steps. First we have to “approve” all our TIME and then reload the page. After that we can finally stake our TIME on Wonderland.

Please send coffee donations to: 0xd0803A568615A18403C3722AC6dBb3202FD14034 (Ethereum/AVAX)

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