IOTA-Staking – Should I stake Shimmer or Assembly? + Tutorial

IOTA-Staking – Should I stake Shimmer or Assembly? + Tutorial

IOTA will soon introduce staking for Shimmer and Assembly. With both tokens, airdrops can be achieved through staking. IOTA will thus become a store of value while Assembly will provide the basis for smart contracts. The Shimmer network will become a kind of development network for innovations, the future of this network is still uncertain – which could also be positive

Many of you are now naturally wondering if you should stake your tokens for Shimmer or Assembly? I have a surprising answer on this topic: you can stak both tokens at the same time with the same MIOTA!

As you can see on the screenshot shown, it is possible to deselect one token for staking or just stake for both tokens.

How long do I have to stake my (M)IOTA?

In order to receive an airdrop, you must end up with at least 10 million SMR or 1 ASMB. Fortunately, the Firefly wallet calculates the expected airdrop directly for you (1 SMR and 0.000004 ASMB are paid out every 10 seconds per MIOTA).

Besides these goals, there are no minimum times and your MIOTA are not frozen either, i.e. you can stop staking at any time. However, if the aforementioned goal is not reached, there is of course no airdrop.

How can I stake my (M)IOTA?

First of all: When staking, your entire wallet must always be staked. However, this is not a problem, because multiple wallets can be comfortably created in the Firefly wallet.

So if you don’t want to stake all IOTA, I recommend you simply create additional wallets and send the IOTA to this one.

After that, the current version of the Firefly wallet offers a new option with two rings in the upper left navigation bar, under this hides the staking. In the following window the staking can be started and managed.

All in all, staking with the new Firefly wallet is as easy as pie! The current version can be downloaded from IOTA here (external link).

Illustration of the new staking options

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  1. I’ve met the asmb requirement of 1 but not the smr requirement of 10 million. If I stop staking now for a week then start again will I lose what I’ve earned so far? 1.5 million smr and 5.3 asmb or will they both remain in my wallet for when I start staking again in a week?

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