Review on Tresorit after 2 years of use

Review on Tresorit after 2 years of use

I have used Tresorit for 2 years now and actually find the concept quite good. However, I will part with Tresorit shortly, because

  • Tresorit has changed my package without my consent
  • Tresorit has increased the price without my consent
  • Tresorit has a SSL certificate from Sectigo Limited (GB – formerly Comodo USA)
  • The uploads and downloads sometimes take (too) long

Tresorit support does not offer a satisfactory solution to the monetary problem and justifies the massive price change with the fact that I would now also have more storage space available. An offered discount of 20% does not come close to the original price and now they even claim that my old price would have been cheaper “due to seasonal reasons”.

There nevertheless only still the unsolicited price adjustment of my Handytarifs is missing because I can telephone now unlimited into the whole world or the doubling of the price of my dwelling – it is now finally a hole in the wall to the neighbouring dwelling and the square meters doubled.

It should be clear to everyone that such price and tariff adjustments are highly questionable from a legal point of view, and with such questionable actions, my trust in a service like Tresorit is dwindling.

I also have the impression that tresorit wants to keep me from canceling, because all pages except the billing page load flawlessly (Firefox and Chrome).

The CPU usage of the Windows client is around 10% – also not very desirable with current hardware.

In summary, I will then probably have to continue try have to cancel or simply delete the whole account.

Update from 28.10.2022

The incompetence of some companies really scares me sometimes. After my cancellation, I am automatically offered a 25% discount via email

In addition, there is just a sale in the amount of 30% for new accounts. So the annual license costs me only about 80 EUR instead of 120 USD as before. The contract renewal would have cost me about 170 USD per year

Now I created a new account but was not asked to set a password. Of course a reset is not possible either. So I had to write to the support first. Another plus for Tresorit on the negative side.

Update from 29.10.2022

After I got access to the new account I had to notice that the client of Tresorit slows down my PC extremely. So I have now requested a refund and am giving up on Tresorit for good.

My final solution is simple and secure – read more in the article Backups 2022 with Nextcloud and WinRAR secure long-term storage.

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