rodné číslo / Apply for a birth number in the Czech Republic without residence

rodné číslo / Apply for a birth number in the Czech Republic without residence

The “rodné číslo” or birth number is a personal identification number in the Czech Republic that is used in many areas to uniquely identify a person. The number plays an important role in all applications and interactions with the state and can also significantly reduce processing times when setting up a new company in the Czech Republic, as the tax office, pension fund and health insurance company must also be informed when registering a trade license. As all of these authorities have their own system, new registrations without a “rodné číslo” can lead to coordination difficulties and therefore slightly longer processing times.

All the supposed consulting companies for trade licenses in the Czech Republic did not manage to apply for a “rodné číslo” for me. So unfortunately, as so often, I had to take care of it myself.

In the end, however, I received a Czech birth number from the Czech Ministry of the Interior without residence and without a residence permit in the Czech Republic.

It is not possible to apply via CzechPoint and the staff there are not familiar with the options. The application must therefore be submitted with a suitable application in paper form. The application must then be accompanied by a few additional documents and the signature must be notarized at CzechPoint.

I had my birth number in my letterbox after just one week.

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