Install IOTA client for Python on Debian (deprecated)

Install IOTA client for Python on Debian (deprecated)

In this example we install the (outdated) IOTA client libs for Python on Debian 11 using the apt package libudev-dev and we need to install Rust. In the example below, we log in and create a new folder called iota. Then we change to the folder and start the installation:

apt install libudev-dev
mkdir iota
cd iota
git clone -b production
curl -sSf | sh

At this point, a new login to SSH must be made to load a new shell.

cd iota/
pip3 install maturin
maturin develop
maturin build --manylinux off

We then receive the following example output:

Built wheel for abi3 Python ≥ 3.6 to /root/iota/

We now install this whl file via pip

pip3 install /root/iota/

This completes the installation

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