JTL-Wawi: End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

JTL-Wawi: End of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012

JTL-Software is currently informing its customers about the end of support for Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and recommends to upgrade or update the database to a newer version.

Dear customers,

with version 1.7 of JTL-Wawi we discontinue the support of Microsoft SQL Server 2012. This is our reaction to the end of this MS SQL version announced by Microsoft on July 12, 2022. We therefore ask you to also update your Microsoft SQL Server version beforehand when using future versions 1.7.x of JTL-Wawi.

What you should do

Since the use of outdated software, which is no longer supported by the developer, is always associated with significant risks, we advise you to update the SQL server already now.

Excerpt from the end of support email dated 06/27/2022

Update JTL-Wawi SQL Server 2012

I recommend performing a full backup of the JTL-Wawi database before updating the database engine. Afterwards, an upgrade of the SQL Server database engine can be performed. Any “leftovers” from a previous version should be removed. Care should also be taken to avoid instance name conflicts.

You do not want to perform the update of your SQL server yourself? I offer you the update for only 99 EUR net (offer subject to change). Just write me via my contact form.

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